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Cool&Well-Dressed Presents: AUTHNTC: As I Overcome

The way I found this brand was crazy, man; real universal alignment shit. I had been looking at AUTHNTC, the Las Vegas-based streetwear brand, for a while. A couple months ago I hosted a listening party for my homie Caterpillar Jones. He’s from North Carolina, but he’s also lived in Vegas. While we were at the listening party, we started talkin’ streetwear (cause that’s what fresh niggas do), then AUTHNTC was naturally brought up in the conversation; I took that as a sign that I needed to reach out. One thing I love the most about AUTHNTC is the brand’s identity; they really care about their image and it’s apparent. In this interview I got to speak with Miah M., Co-Owner of AUTHNTC, about their popular “God The Plug” design, their recent pop-up shop, their level of exclusivity with limited pieces and a couple other dope topics.

King Phill: Are you guys fairly new or you’ve been around for a couple years?
Miah M.: I wouldn’t say we’ve been around, nor would I say we’re new. We’ve been at it for four years now, but only now are people getting to know us and are we getting more exposure.

King Phill: Did you guys come out of the gate with that identity we spoke on earlier or did it take those four years to really build out and craft an identity for Authntc?
Miah M.: We wanted the brands image to come naturally. We wanted it to be personal and reflect our own lives and likings. I wouldn’t say it took us four years to craft our identity; it took us four years to try to master our identity.

King Phill: I can’t put a distinct finger on the identity of the brand, but I love it; Authntc puts a certain energy in the air with it’s pieces. What do you feel the brand’s identity is?
Miah M.: You’ve seen that guy who knows how to skate really well, but knows how to dress really well too? Let’s just say a skate rat who’s wearing Saint Laurent or whatever; that’s Authntc. It’s where the street/urban culture meets the couture/luxury culture.


King Phill: It looks like the “God The Son. God The Father. God The Plug.” design garnered a lot of attention for the brand; all the pieces with that design look pretty ill. What’s the concept behind that design?
Miah M.: Thank you! Many might not know, but I come from a religious background; I grew up in church. Over the past year, I’ve realize God is the plug. Not only have I seen him grant prayers in my own life, but I’ve herd of many people thanking him for what he has done. The holy trinity is also one that many are aware of when it comes to Christianity. It just felt right putting the two together when we were creating the design.

King Phill: What’s the concept behind the “As I Overcome” collection? Where’d the name come from?
Miah M.: As I overcome, is prayer. “Help us overcome the trials and tribulations in this life. For this is the land where we dance with the devil. As I overcome, let me be the wolf who leads wolves not a pack of sheep. For this is my prayer, Let us come into the palace to rest… we have become nothing but damaged goods.” It’s a prayer for help and guidance to overcome; that is where the name of the capsule collection comes from, “as I overcome.”
King Phill: How did the Pop-Up Shop & release event go?
Miah M.: Our recent pop up/event released went well! A good amount of people came out and showed love. It was very humbling for us!


King Phill: Nice, the setup looked dope on Instagram. What imagery were you going for with that installation?
Miah M.: Thank you, I appreciate that! The installation was conceptualized to hopefully duplicate the same environment that a person would see if he or she visited the courtyard of a mental institution. That explains the TV set up, chess board game in the middle of the room and hand-painted pieces such as the “counting days” piece.

King Phill: I’ve also noticed Authntc hasn’t released any collabs. Are there any on the works or you guys just plan to not do any?
Miah M.: Yes, no collaboration projects yet nor do we plan to do any soon. Right Now we are concerned on personal growth.

King Phill: A lot of brands take that route; it’s always important to get yourself straight before you throw anyone or anything else into the equation. Are you open to collabs in the future?
Miah M.: Of course! Donnie and I always talk about collaborations and the brands that we want to work with; it’s just a matter of time and planning.

King Phill: How do you feel about producing limited quantity pieces versus larger quantity pieces?
Miah M.: My co-owner Donnie and I always frowned at looking like everyone else. Finding yourself wearing the same thing as someone else just makes you feel less “cool.” Producing limited quantities helps produce the cool, exclusive factor in someone’s style. There is a greater value in exclusivity than in the mass produced.


King Phill: I definitely feel you on that. What are some of the most exclusive pieces you’ve released? I saw this ILL Native American skull vest on your IG; looks crazy.
Miah M.: Thank you! The “Dead Man” BDU Vest has not released yet! More info on that particular piece will be out soon to the public. All of our collections/releases are released in limited quantities. The most exclusive releases we had yet were the “God The Plug” coach jacket and our hand distressed & painted BDU jacket. We got so many people asking and emailing us if were going to restock anytime soon and we said no. 


Explore Millennial Dating with ‘Situationships’

Situationships is a new web series that focuses on the ups, downs, twists, and turns of dating as a millennial. 

In Episode 5 of the enticing web-series, Situationships, things heat up for Robyn and Tarryn. Damian is back up to his old tricks, Alyssa continues to plot revenge while Jasmyn and Adrian catch up. After running into each other, Melody and Jaden have their first date. 

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Ladies, Miki Agrawal’s THINX Underwear Is Giving Your “Period Panties” A Makeover

THINX, co-founded by NYC social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal is giving your “period underwear” a makeover. Those dark colored not so sexy undies you don’t mind ruining if you don’t successfully make it through the day are getting a face lift. Their patented technology keeps you clean and dry, while absorbing up to two tampons worth of liquid. Yeah, you read that correctly.

THINX provides you with the power to feel confident you won’t have a leak. Available in nude and black, with affordable prices ranging between $28-34, you’ll no longer need your unreliable panty liners. These babies can be popped in the washing machine and worn again. No more thrown away panties. No more avoiding white pants and skirts. No worries, you can trust it. Time Magazine named THINX, one of the “25 Best Inventions of 2015”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.12.03 AM

Truly inspired by her own period horror stories and the stories of women worldwide. Miki created these cute undies in all of your favorite styles to serve as a backup or substitute for your feminine products. Doing even more good for womankind, each THINX purchase provides training, jobs, and access to reusable pads for women in Uganda through partner organization, AFRIpads.

It was a task for Miki to find time to change her tampon, while zooming around the city running several restaurant locations. Then an incident with her twin sister left them in the bathroom, rinsing a bikini bottom in the sink, thinking “what if there were underwear that actually helped women out during this time of the month?”

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 5.57.49 PMAfter researching, she found herself in shock. New iPhones roll out every few months and we constantly find tech savy ways to do nearly everything, yet only 3 major 20th century innovations have been made in feminine hygiene. 1921- the tampon. 1969- the adhesive strip was added under pads. 1980s- the mainstream menstrual cup. Why was no one better catering to the female period experience?

During a 2010 trip to South Africa, Miki had the opportunity to meet a group of young girls and found out many of them miss a full week of school each month they are on their periods-sometimes leading to them dropping out. In America, we may be subconsciously taught to be embarrassed about our periods, but in other countries, women are often considered “unclean”, shunned, and isolated during theirs. Even more unfortunate, while many women complain about how products on the market barely get us through, women in under developed areas can’t even afford the very products we complain about. Miki heard stories of women using newspaper, plastic bags, and pieces of mattresses as poor pad substitutes.

Her dismay that women worldwide were still being so inconvenienced by a natural monthly occurrence that’s been happening since the beginning of time brought her to this solution.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 5.58.35 PM
THINX launched in 2015, not only to reinvent our feminine hygiene products, but on a meaningful mission to remove the taboo surrounding the menstrual cycle. Now women can have one less worry on their minds while out running the world. While, women in Uganda and Sri Lanka have access to pads, education, and jobs.

THINX represents empowering women around the world, by not allowing your period (or anything else in life) hold you back. Your period is not gross, embarrassing, or shameful. It’s natural and is actually the way your uterus stays healthy enough to birth new lives into this world.

Shop and learn how THINX works, get period facts, plus watch a short film about the period exsperieces of Miki, celebs, and others at