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Jess2Sick adds her twist to Gucci Mane and Drake’s “Back on Road” Merging Hip Hop & Drift Culture

Jess2Sick (née Jessica Hu) adds her twist to Gucci Mane and Drake’s “Back on Road” off his latest album Everybody Looking with a video that merges drift culture and hip-hop. Her inspiration behind this tribute to Guwop—which she choreographed and co-directed—comes from her Northwest roots; she represents Seattle, also known as the 206, as well as The Odd Youth Culture, a group of creatives who strive to be themselves and embrace “weird” as the new cool. It was only right that the 206 adds their flare alongside Drake’s the 6 and Gucci’s East Atlanta’s Zone 6.

The video was shot above a rooftop overlooking the Seattle’s skyline, bringing together local talent for a minute and 30 second clip directed by Harry Clean of Detooz Films. Jess2Sick is joined by dancers Louisa Meng and Stephanie Mendoza who put together sharp choreography over production by Murda Beatz. Battling with demons of her own and cultural conflicts that have restricted her to be fully creative, Jess is too “Back on Road” to success, feeling limitless and ready to leave her legacy.


Catch up on ‘Situationships’ with Episode 7

Situationships is a smart and sexy dramedy exposing the twists and turns of millennial dating.
Melody and Jaden establish their relationships status. The girls run into each other and have a huge altercation discussing their dating lives. The guys all meet up at a house party that leads to a huge fight. Things are definitely heating up in Episode 7.

Watch the episode below!

Tiffany Evans Releases New Single Feat. Fetty Wap from Latest EP


In an industry that is extremely unpredictable, there’s not many artists who are blessed and can boast of longevity in the spotlight. However, the very strong-willed and multitalented Tiffany Evans can speak of such accolades with a career in entertainment that has spanned over 15 years and now, she’s warming up again with a new EP, “All Me” to keep the momentum going.

The Bronx, NY native first introduced her melodious perfection to the world in 2003 when she appeared on the national competition show, Star Search at just nine years old. Upon her breathtaking performances, she immediately caught the awe and attention of viewers as well as industry executives who knew for certain this was a rare talent. Although, being in the spotlight was indeed a dream come true for both Tiffany and her family, this moment in time was also overshadowed by the reality of hardships the family endured as they were homeless prior to Tiffany entering the competition. However, as the saying goes ‘trouble don’t last always’, Tiffany received a grand prize award for $100,000 for performing on Star Search which was definitely a victory won.

Promptly following her fame on Star Search, Tiffany signed a deal with Columbia Records whose roster also included musical talents such as Beyoncé, Celine Dion, and John Legend. Ms. Evans quickly immersed herself in recording sessions to master her craft and showcase her vocal range. This was also the moment in her career where another natural gift emerged: acting. Tiffany landed television and movie roles including, CBS’s The District and NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. However, it was her role in Tyler Perry’s debut feature film Diary of a Mad Black Woman that the world saw the star showcase her acting skills more intimately.

In 2007, her debut single “Promise Ring,” featured Ciara number and landed on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart which she followed up with, “I’m Grown” featuring Bow-Wow.

As time progressed, Evans continued to release more well-received and notable music including a mixtape called 143 in 2013. The mixtape raked up over 65,000 downloads in one week. “I recorded that whole mixtape while I was pregnant,” said Evans. “So naturally the material was more mature than what my fans were used to,” she continuedShortly after the release of the mixtape, Evans took a break from work as a moment to revamp and refresh her brand. However, her strength, tenacity, and winner’s spirit is not one to rest for long.

In 2015, Evans ever so graciously stepped back in front of the mic with the trackOn Sight” which features hip hop artist Fetty Wap. On Sight” has gained momentum and responses at various radio stations across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The song also garnered over 1 million digital streams. The catchy and flirty track is the first single from Evans most recent EP All Me which was released October, 2015. Ms. Evans says of her latest project, All Me is the beginning of a new era of Tiffany Evans,” she says. “I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years. That’s a long time. I’ve evolved so much as a woman, wife, mother and artist. Being pregnant with my second child [daughter Chaden, born in August 2015] really empowered me on this project. I am more confident than ever and can’t wait to give the world what I have to offer.”
The 23-year-old singer/actress clearly has nothing to prove, but is a powerhouse in terms of her musical talents. Not to mention, a fan base that regularly floods her social media timelines with support of her work.  A natural talent and relentless determination to continue progressing forward, the world most certainly will continue to see more of Tiffany Evans, and with her latest EP, clearly she’s not finished showing the world just who she is.


Check out the ‘On Sight‘ video below!

Catch Up on ‘Situationships,’ Episode 6!

Situationships is a smart and sexy dramedy exposing the twists and turns of millennial dating.

Melody starts dating Jaden, and Robyn meets up with her sugar daddy. Damian finds out that Melody moved on, and Tarryn hosts a big party to cheer him up. Adrian tries to woo Jasmyn, and Alyssa and Robyn discover Jaden’s secret.

Check out Episode 6 below!

Iron Man Gets a Makeover

Everybody knows Iron Man. Everybody loves Iron Man, the self-proclaimed ‘billionaire genius playboy philanthropist,’ as Robert Downey Jr. put it so wonderfully in 2012’s The Avengers

As Marvel continues adding diversity to their line-up or beloved superheroes (i.e. Miles Morales aka the newest Spider-Man of Afro-Latino descent or Iceman who is same-sex oriented), Brian Michael Bendis and his team decided that it was time to bring change the iconic Tony Stark/Iron Man. 

In comes, Riri Williams, a 15 year old genius studying at M.I.T.; this is also where she makes her own Iron Man suit that catches Mr. Stark’s eye. It’s uncertain whether or not Riri will keep the Iron Man name or put her own spin on it. But according to Marvel’s Twitter, her adventures are set to start in the fall!

What do you think about Marvel’s newest character? Sound off below!

Ones to Watch: Joella Deville

In our Ones To Watch series we want to showcase the most distinct artists on our radar who’s progressing the culture positively. Who are some of the world’s most innovating artists and what creative process goes behind the scenes to make them rise from the norm? For New Jersey native Joella Deville the answer is honest delivery and persistence. Coming from a musical journey that began at 7 years old, Joella was immersed in the arts. Her passion in singing, dance and arts led her to the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University to now rocking Los Angeles stages including House of Blues. 
I first came across Joella’s music through social media. Twitter to be exact. Here’s how it happened: Friend tweets Joella’s music and compliments her artistry. Intrigued, I go to her page. I like what I see, click follow. She follows back. I feel special, I feel a personal connection. We would probably be friends in real life, I assume. She tweets her music link. I have time. I click play. Became a fan immediately. 
The track I listened to was “Ease the Pain”. A house-production by Masorix layered with honest lyrics saying “it hurts to breathe, I can’t see past tomorrow. Trapped by my doubt and sorrow. I lie just to ease the pain.” What resonates so much is that it’s not flossing, it’s not bragging, these lyrics are talking about self-doubt, something that any creative can relate to but is seldom discussed over a track. It was reminiscent of Alessia Cara’s “Here”, a narrative that everyone understands but it’s often not shared: The Loner, The Doubter. But as an artist, vulnerability is the common thread that weaves us all together. 
It’s this honesty to her craft that’s placed Joella onto NPR Music, who called her “Submit To Ya” track “a time-capsule to the 90s.” Nothing comes easily in music and with Joella, you can understand that she earns everything that she receives. So what makes her different than others? To be honest, there are singers and then there are artists who you can relate to, the ones with personalities and talent. For Joella, she can give you both. 
Watch the visuals below for “Ease the Pain”, the first single off of her EP Just A Sip.

Follow her on Twitter @JoellaDeville and peep her latest hustle, rocking the stage in Hot 97’s Summer Jam Festival Stage alongside Big Sean, Fetty Wap, and more. Be sure to check back next week for another Ones to Watch feature or follow Infinite on Soundcloud to keep up to the new artists we’re bringing each week. 

Apple May Acquire Tidal From Jay Z

In the land of music streaming and subscription services, there are three who reign supreme: Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. 

However, one of the big three may get swallowed up by another and become one giant monster in its own right. Though nothing has been set in stone, it appears that Apple in interested in acquiring Tidal’s subscriber lists amongst other things. 

This could be a grand venture for those who have either Apple Music or Tidal. The exclusive content both services claim to provide could be on a completely different level. This may even put Apple Music ahead of Spotify (who has about 30 million paid subscribers) who has recently claimed that Apple is deliberately blocking Spotify’s application updates. 

This also makes one wonder what will happen with the content (like Beyoncé’s Lemonade, for example) Tidal artists/owners have released. Will it be available on Apple Music as opposed to buying the albums from the iTunes Store?

Moreover, what will happen to Spotify if Apple does manage to reach terms with Tidal? Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see! 

Big K.R.I.T’s Dropping a Freestyle Every Hour on the Hour Today

This isn’t an April’s Fools joke, though I could hardly believe myself when the Mississippi native took his to Twitter to announce #12for12; a series of freestyles to some of the hottest beats out with that Krizzle flair we all know and love. 

Check out the first three of the series (That Part, Country N***as Anonymous, Lock Jaw) below! 

(1/12, That Part):

(2/12, C.N.A.):

(3/12, Lock Jaw):