#WeekendVibes 11.11.2016

It’s safe to say that it has been a pretty vent-filled week now that the 2016 presidential election results are in. Protests have sparked across the country and the memes have taken over the explore page. Young America is pretty furious however, it is beautiful to witness people coming together to take a stand against the man that wants to divide us. America is not the only nation with a shady system and agenda. This week we start the playlist with M.I.A’s refugee themed-anthem titled Borders.” The lyrics are simplistic but full of meaning. “Borders” was released last November on her fifth studio album, AIM.

The Indigo and MSFT child, Jaden Smith, is also on this week’s playlist with his Scarfacetrack that was also released last year. The wordplay and delivery on this song are equally yoked and not for the average mind. “Scarface ” is a song of “woke-ness” with several references to private societies, government assassinations, and all things smoke and mirrors. This is another perfect jam for this week’s chicanery.

After all the musical venting, we are going to let Travis Scott Serenade us on his track that didn’t quite make the cut for his latest album, BITTSM. This week’s selections are a bit more trippy than trapped out so sit back and vibe with us. Be sure to follow to our Soundcloud and check some of the other music by artists we featured this week.

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