Could Autonomous Vehicles be the Wave of the Future?

Nauto, a tech startup specializing in autonomous (self-driving) cars, has received a large amount of funds for the project and began partnerships that involve data-sharing with Toyota, BMW, and Allianz Group after previously raising $12 million to fund the startup.

So what does Nauto do? The company, founded in 2015 by CTO Frederick Soo and CEO Stefan Heck, uses GPS systems, cameras, their own AI (artificial intelligence) software, and motion sensors to create vehicles that are capable of seeing, and reacting, to what’s inside the car or what’s on the road. On their Facbeook page, their about section states:

“Nauto is an AI-powered networked vehicle system that helps give a complete picture of driver behavior and helps businesses operate safely and more efficiently on the roads.”



Designed to help drivers focus on what’s in front of them and create safer roads, Nauto utilizes cabin-facing and forward-facing cameras that begin recording the moment it senses a collision may happen. In the event a collision does happen, there is archived footage from the various cameras that allow professional drivers to present exactly what happened and avoid the ‘whose fault is it?’ question asked at every vehicular accident. This allows the driver, the car company, and insurance company to get a better picture of the accident and any damage sustained.


Drivers also have the option to “initiate” a collision, which is basically recording movement within the vehicle in the event of unruly passengers or view obstruction by objects. This feature will allow the driver to contact their manager if a problem arises and provides a live stream so that everyone can see what’s going on in and around the car.


Though everyone is familiar with the standard rules of the road, these rules don’t always apply in cities where there is large amounts of traffic such as New York or San Francisco. The technology that Nauto has created is used by fleets that deliver oil and gas, food, packages, or transports passengers via taxis, limos, or other transportation services. Uber and Lyft, two ride-sharing companies that employ mobile applications that allow rider and driver to connect with one another, have allowed their drivers to sign up and receive Nauto through drivers’ associations despite not having a deal with the company just yet.

Toyota is hoping that this technology will usher in a new era with autonomous vehicles that are safe for mainstream use.

…I wonder how much a self-driving car will cost us in the future?




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