5 Tips for Crowdfunding Project Success

You’ve finally found a hobby or skill that you love to do and can make money with, BUT you don’t have the resources to get started. This is a pretty common obstacle when one decides to become an entrepreneur of sorts. With sites like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and RocketHub. Using sites such as these do come with a risk; there’s a possibility that people may not donate and your project goes up in flames before it ever truly got started.

These 5 tips will help mold your project and create the right kind of promotion for it. With these suggestions, your crowdfunding project should definitely be a successful one.

1. Know your audience. 

Knowing your audience will help make marketing your crowdfund project easier because you’ll be identifying their needs, communicating with them through their most-used platforms, or targeting your audience through demographics important to your project.

2. Use as many visuals as possible.

Crisp, clear photos or videos of your product or service are important staple to any crowdfund or social media project. Using photo and video will show potential customers exactly what they’re getting, if there are any other options (color, size, etc) available, or any rewards you may promote.

3. Make rewards count.

People will back your project if they love it, but they’ll love it more if they feel they’re being rewarded for helping you. Come up with ways to offer rewards that won’t zap all of your project money.

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Keep your backers comfortable about giving you their money by using clear, concise communication. Post updates of the project’s progress and inform backers of any parts of the project that relate to money. Even include updates when the project itself is finally completed or when you’re ready to launch your project for the world to see.

5. Take it offline.

Hosting an event about your project is one way to begin a successful crowdfunding campaign because it shows backers and potential customers that you are trustworthy, it will also make you appear likable and approachable. If people can hear the passion and excitement in your voice or your actions, they’re likely to be excited about the project as well.



Test these tips out and tell us how your crowdfund project went or send us some tips of your own!


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